Introducing Ease

A breakthrough in migraine and eye fatigue relief

Aura Ease represents a leap forward in practical migraine and eye fatigue relief. With precision engineering and intelligent therapeutics at its core, this device blends advanced technologies to provide fast, personalised comfort.

Intelligent heat

Custom Bluetooth

Multiple tailored

All just a tap away.

Custom contour

Smart targeted

Exquisite build-quality.

Unmatched comfort,
lasting relief.

And that's not all

Dive deeper into the features that redefine comfort.

Dynamic relief
Oscillating pressure waves

Perfectly tuned pressure waves target migraine triggers with pinpoint accuracy.

Energizing heat therapy (up to 107° F)

Intelligent heat technology immerses you in soothing warmth, melting away tension and discomfort.

Rhythmic percussion massage

Multiple percussive options specifically target the acupuncture points around the eyes.

Smart targeted compression

Gentle, consistent compression embraces you, alleviating discomfort and easing tension.

Advanced technology
Precise engineering

From vibration and drumming, to finger pressing and rolling—fine-tune your relief sessions.

Fusion therapy

The cutting-edge fusion of heat and percussive therapy unlocks unparalleled pain alleviation.

Personalized treatments
Tailored treatments

Choose from 5 meticulously designed treatment options, ensuring a personalized healing journey.

Adjustable intensity

Take control of your relief with modifiable intensity, to match your preferences and comfort level.

Soothing experience
Ultimate soundscapes via Bluetooth

Elevate your sessions with soothing music, turning each session into a serene retreat with just a tap.

Unique air-bag technologies

Our complex inner structure is engineered to ensure a snug fit and ongoing comfort during sessions.

Modern design
Functional elegance

Impeccable industrial design meets practical functionality, creating a product that not only works wonders but looks great on your shelf.

Minimalist comfort

Embrace the minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly integrates into any space, providing maximum comfort in a beautifully compact form.

What's included

The Ease Device

× 1

Type C USB Cable

× 1

User Manual

× 1

Warranty Card

× 1

Technical parameters

Model No.



Caring Mill by Aura
Ease Relief Mask

Rated Voltage


Rated Power





5V = 1A