Introducing HarmonyHeat

It's time to revolutionize leg care.

HarmonyHeat Leg Revival System is your premium solution for leg rejuvenation. Combining deep heat therapy with advanced air compression technology, it's skillfully designed to reduce soreness and enhance circulation, bringing a new level of comfort to your routine.

Revitalize tired

Advanced heat

comfort settings.

Step into a
world of relief.

Tailored pressure levels.

Innovative live-action movements.

Sleek, travel-
friendly design.

The ultimate
relief partner.

And that's not all

Dive deeper into the features that redefine comfort.

Advanced therapy
Heat and compression

Merges soothing heat with compressive technology for a comprehensive leg care experience.

Personalized settings

Choose from multiple modes and intensities to tailor your session to your unique needs.

User-centric design
Intuitive use

Easy to setup and effortlessly adjustable for instant comfort and ease.

Comfortable fit

Designed for maximum comfort during each use, adapting to various leg sizes and shapes.

Versatile application
All-day relief

Engineered for both occasional and regular use, providing consistent relief.


Lightweight and portable, ensuring you can take your leg therapy wherever you go.

What's included

Leg Wraps

× 2

Handheld Controller

× 1

Power Adaptor

× 1


× 2

User Guide

× 1

Portable Storage Bag

× 1

Technical parameters

Model No.



Caring Mill by Aura
HarmonyHeat Leg Revival

AC Input


DC Output

12V 3A

Rated Power